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Vinyl plank flooring is rapidly growing to one of the most used floor coverings today. With the look and feel of real wood with out the cost many people are turning to vinyl plank as a great option. A couple reasons vinyl plank is gaining popularity is its advantages over hardwood floors, such as price and ease of install. Vinyl plank is also a very water resistant flooring. It is also possible to install vinyl flooring over other floor coverings as long as the surface is smooth, you may need to use leveling compounds to achieve an acceptable surface.

There are some vinyl planks available with a peel and stick backing. These can be used if your in a pinch but most are going to be a lower quality over regular plank flooring. I would recommend avoiding these if possible. Until recently vinyl plank flooring with a wood look has been unheard of by most. Some of the things that have made vinyl siding so popular are also making vinyl plank a much more accepted flooring.With installation being easier than wood flooring and a budget friendly option vinyl plank is a great option for any homeowner looking for new flooring. With hand scraped look vinyl planks available today it can be very hard for the average person to tell vinyl plank from real wood. There are many options in sizes and colors to match any decor and will give your room a durable and beautiful appearance.

Wood look vinyl plank pattern

Wood plank with dolphins inset

With the cost being half of real wood flooring and installation time being much quicker you will have your new floor installed and your home back to normal with very little inconvenience to you.Wood vinyl plank also gives you the ability to install all kinds of patterns and designs that would normally be very time consuming or impossible with real hard wood floors. Wood look vinyl plank can truly enhance your living space and is a option you should consider if your looking for new flooring.

If you have any question feel free to leave a comment I will do my best to answer

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  1. There are a couple reasons why, if the vinyl plank flooring didn’t get fully acclimated to your house before installation they can shrink after they are installed. Its always a good idea to bring the the planks into your house 24-48 hours before installation with your house set at its normal operating temperature. Its always a good idea to try and keep your house at a constant temperature. Now even if you do everything right you can still get gaping, your floors can change temperature with the seasons, you may see more gaping at different times of the year. The glue that was used to set it can also play a role in that some do a better job controlling shrinking than others. I would say that most vinyl plank floors at some time will develop gaps on the end seams, this can be one downside of the product. Hope I could help if you have any more questions let me know thanks.

  2. the planks of my floor do not butt up close. What causes this to happen?

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