Aug 072010

If your interested in installing travertine tiles in your home you are on the right track for a material with an endless style and rich look. Travertine floor tile is not as commonly used as other natural stones such as granite tile, marble tile or slate tiles But just like the other natural stones it has a beauty no ceramic or porcelain tile can copy. Travertine tiles can be used in most areas of the home, including the exterior such as patios or balcony’s and even pools.  Travertine is not just for floors it is also great for counter tops, backsplash, showers and fire place surrounds.  Travertine wall tiles come is lots of shapes and sizes, giving you a wide range of choices on design and patterns to choose from.  Travertine mosaic tiles can also be used along with other tiles or glass tile for unique patterns and designs.

Travertine mosaic tile is very popular and goes great on walls such as showers or as a travertine tile backsplash.  Some other options to look for are tumbled travertine tile and chiseled edge travertine these can add an even more unique look to your travertine floor or walls.  When choosing your travertine tile you will to find the shade that goes with your home decor.  For smaller rooms it can be good idea to go with a lighter shade of travertine to help making the room feel bigger and dark shades can add a rich look to the room along with a nice contrast against lighter colors of walls or fixtures.

The size is also an important decision to keep in mind.  Large format tiles are very popular now days, but to large of a tile in a small room can also make the room feel even smaller.  Try to keep the tile size in proportion to the room or area your installing it in.

Like other natural stones travertine is a porous material so it is a good idea to seal your travertine tile to keep it stain free.  There are different sheen’s of sealer to choose from depending on if you prefer a gloss or natural look.  Depending on traffic your floor gets you will need to reseal your travertine floor tiles every now and  then.

DIY Tile Floor Installation

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