Aug 062010

Glass tile is a very popular choice for home owners now days. One reason is glass mosaic tile has the ability to go with classic or modern decor. Installing glass tile is not has hard as many think, with a little research and the right tools installing glass wall tiles can be done by the average home owner. Glass tiles are mainly used in kitchens such as a glass tile backsplash or sometimes used on counter tops. Also popular is using glass mosaic tiles in bathrooms such as glass tile showers and mosaic glass bathtub surrounds.

This does not mean it cant be used in other areas of the home, it is also great around fireplaces, pools and used as wall art. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to all the possibility’s of using glass mosaic tile

in your home or office. There are many styles, patterns, colors and sizes to choose from, such as glass subway tile to glass mosaic tile that comes is many styles and colors. Updating your bathroom

or kitchen with glass tile can transform it from just a functional area to a visually

appealing room you will enjoy spending time in. Glass mosaic tiles can also be used along with other tiles such as natural stones like slate tiles, marble tile, travertine tiles,

granite tile or also porcelain tiles to make all kinds of patterns and designs.

Custom Black Glass Tile Bathroom

Glass is also a very durable finish.  It is easy to keep clean, impervious to water and can has very little maintenance to keep it looking beautiful for years to come.  Glass tiles will also never fade keeping the bright vibrant colors for the life of your home.

Glass tile is also becoming more affordable than it used to be with many discount glass tile locations to buy from. Also gaining in popularity is recycled glass tiles, these have a unique look and are great for using as a accent piece. Glass tile can range in price from $8 to over $300 per sq ft,  its always important to make sure you are staying in your budget when picking your new tiles. If your budget does not allow for a full glass tile bathroom or kitchen you may want to just use glass tile mosaics as a border or accent pieces to help keep cost down.  As always its important to shop around, there are  many online wholesale sites that offer cheap discount glass tile that can still be very budget friendly.