Mar 282010

Installing tile:  tile installation tools

Having the proper tools for the job is very important not only for quality of your work but also for safety.  Depending on the tile your installing and the location the tools you use will change.  There are also lots of options for waterproofing and sound deadening materials available.  Crack prevention is also something to think about if you have movement in your foundation. There are a lots of options when it comes to waterproofing from roll on applications to materials that you install on your shower walls and floor. For roll on waterproofing I like using laticrete hydro ban for a material waterproofing the schluter Ditra and schluter Kerdi is a great product with full shower kits available. Its very important to follow directions carefully when using waterproofing products in showers.

Some products I recommend for sound deadening, waterproofing and crack prevention are:

crack prevention and Underlayment – SCHLUTER DITRA 1/8″ UNDERLAYMENT

Waterproofing- Laticrete Hydro Ban, Custom Building Prod. Red Guard, Schluter Kerdi

Hydro Ban and Red Guard Waterproofing Products

Sound deadening –  Custom Building Prod. SGL5  Easy Mat Underlayment

Easy Mat With Primer

  • Tile of your choice
  • prep materials if needed (hardiboard, screws, fiberglass tape)
  • Hardie shears
  • Tape measure, pencil, hammer and level
  • Tile adhesive (make sure its the proper adhesive for your substrate and product your installing)
  • mixer (drill)
  • trowel
  • tile cutter or tile saw
  • buckets
  • sponges
  • grout
  • grout float
  • spacers
  • chalk line
  • safety glasses
  • square
  • utility knife
  • knee pads

If you have any question feel free to leave a comment I will do my best to answer