Mar 282010

Prepping for tile installation and layout to install tile

  • If you are working with a plywood substrate you will want to begin by installing a underlayment that is suited for for tile (hardibacker, Schluter Ditra and durock are some popular choices) If you have a nice concrete slab you will just want to make sure it is clean of paint and dirt, and check for low or high spots that would give you trouble during the tile install.
  • Start by finding the best location to begin, such as a main door way. If possible you will want to center your room or main door way.  Start by laying out your floor tiles and make sure you will not end up with small cuts in any of the main viewing areas.  Once you have your layout figured out chalk your lines to keep you straight during your tile installation.

If you have any question feel free to leave a comment I will do my best to answer

  2 Responses to “Preperation and layout for tile install”

  1. I would not recommend installing any tile flooring directly over a plywood substrate. I always use some type of underlayment to ensure a long lasting installation. I normally use Schluter Ditra or hardie board. The Ditra is going to be lighter and easier to install with no special tools required. If you have any more questions let me know.

  2. Can i lay saltillo tile over 3/4 plywood floor if i use a ultraflex bond mortor. any advise would help thanks Randy

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