Mar 282010

Installing tile

  • First make sure your floor is nice and clean and your lines chalked
  • Start by mixing up your thin set mortar following the instructions on the product you purchased.

Mixing Thinset Mortar

  • Begin by spreading your thin set along your chalk line, making sure not to spread more than you can install tile over in 15-30 min.  Install your tile into the thinset giving it a little pressure and twist to make sure it is getting good contact on the back of the tile. Its always a good idea to pull up your first tile you install and check that your getting good coverage on the back of the tile, the national standard is 80 to 95 percent. If your not you may want to move up to a bigger trowel.

Install Tile Into Thinset

  • Lay in your next tile and insert your spacers to give it a consistent gap. When you get to the walls you are going to need to make cuts using a tile cutter or wet saw, both can be rented at your local hardware store.  Its always a good idea to remove as much of the thin set that comes up between the ceramic tiles as you can, what you miss you will have to remove with a utility knife the next day.

Ceramic Tile Cutter

  • Time to grout, you will start by removing all your spacers and checking for any thin set between the lines you may have missed.  After your done cleaning the lines its time to vacuum the tile floor and get all the lines clean.  Mix the grout up following the directions on the bag.  Grab your gloves and grout float and begin spreading the grout.  Hold the grout float at a 45 degree angle spread the grout on the tile flooring making sure your getting the lines full with grout.  After letting the grout sit for a couple minutes it will start to firm up now you can begin cleaning it.

Spreading Grout Using Grout Float

  • Make sure you have a couple buckets of clean water, start buy scrubbing the tile in circular motions with your damp sponge to level your grout lines and remove some of the excess grout.  You will also want to fill any pin holes in the grout lines you see at this point.  Once you have the lines level you will want to clean the sponge and start wiping the extra grout off the surface of your tile, cleaning the sponge after each wipe.  I also recommend pulling the sponge at a 45 degree angle across the floor, this will help keep the grout lines full. If your doing large areas you will want to change out the water to help get your floor as clean as possible.  Next let your grout dry for a couple hours, when if feels firm to the touch you can buff the haze left by the grout with a rag.

Cleaning Grout Off The Tile Surface

If you have any question feel free to leave a comment I will do my best to answer

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