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Here is a quick list of pro’s and con’s to help you get your new floor installation underway.

Ceramic Tile : Pro’s

  1. If installed and taken care of properly it will last for the life of your home.
  2. It is a wonderful option for high traffic areas
  3. Very low maintenance and extremely easy to clean
  4. There is a vast and endless variety of designs and colors which will fit any decor
  5. It will increase the value of your home
  6. Unlike wood floors if wet it will not cause any permanent damage if excess water was left on the tile


  1. It is a little harder to install than most other flooring’s
  2. If something very heavy drops on it it could chip or crack
  3. It is a very hard surface and may be a little harder on your joints and muscles
  4. It may feel colder to the touch than other flooring
  5. Depending on the finish of the tile it can be a hazard if wet and could cause someone to fall or slip


  1. Porcelain Tile is Highly Resistant to Moisture, Scratches or Stains
  2. Porcelain Tile is Tougher and More Stain Resistant than Ceramic Tile
  3. Porcelain Tile is both Harder and Denser than Ceramic Tile
  4. Porcelain Tile comes in glazed and unglazed finishes
  5. Unlike Ceramic Tile Porcelain has a high breaking strength because of less clay and more feldspar used in making the tile.
  6. There is a wide variety of colors and textures
  7. Porcelain Tile can be used in any room in the house
  8. Porcelain Tile is very easy to maintain and to keep clean
  9. Porcelain Tile does not need to be sealed
  10. It is the perfect tile for those who want something that looks great with very low maintenance


  1. Porcelain Tile must be laid with more expensive setting materials which will cost more than ceramic tile
  2. It is Colder than a Stone or Wood Floor
  3. May be harder on your feet and back
  4. If the Porcelain Tile you pick is a glossy finish it might be slippery when wet



Granite which is usually the most popular of natural stones mainly because of the wide selection of color and durability. It is probably the most durable of all the stones. Like all natural stone it has to be sealed.

This stone usually being more expensive it usually has the most styles and textures of natural stone. Marble usually has contrasting colors in the veins of the stone. Unfortunately it is less durable than granite. Like all natural stone it does have to be sealed. Marble can absorb dirt and can be damaged by chlorine.

In the last 5 years Travertine tiles has become extremely popular. It is beautiful in appearance but usually is very neutral in its colors. It is in the limestone family which makes it very durable. It is more likely to stain than Marble or Granite. Like all natural stone they all have to be sealed. Because it is a natural stone it can tend to have holes in it which are usually filled at the factory but when installed and after years of wear these holes may need to be filled again. This is not a difficult process. The only problem with this is trying to get a filler or grout that matches the tile.


Slate is also a very popular choice. It comes in a variety of colors and textures. The can tend to be rough or peel so like all natural stones they need to be sealed. Most of the time it is used in kitchens and bathrooms. Also used as accent pieces. More information on slate tile


Glass tile may be a little harder to install. There is a particular way of installing this tile and might need to ask a professional before starting the job. Glass tile is mainly used as accent pieces, back splash in a kitchen or in a bathroom. It is usually used in this way because of the durability it may tend to scratch or shatter if used in a high traffic area. It may cost more than your usual tile but is amazing when finished. It comes in a large variety of colors, usually mixed with multiple colors. If choosing a recycled glass tile you need to realize that it is hard to get a consistent color with this choice.


Quarry Tile is an unglazed Ceramic. Because it is an unglazed product it tends to less expensive than Ceramic Tile. It is generally used for outdoor or walkway surfaces due to the thickness of the tile. The cons are that because they are not glazed they tend to stain easier. This tile can be sealed and once that is done then the staining will not be as big a problem. You must seal it before you grout this tile. Before installing quarry there must be cement or sand underneath before laying the adhesive down.

Saltillo Tile

Saltillo tile is and inexpensive option over other tiles with a natural rustic look like no other flooring.  It is great for indoors or outdoors.  Saltillo tile is also very porous and will need to be sealed.  Saltillo is also thicker than most other tiles that could lead to odd transitions to other flooring’s. More information on Saltillo tile

If you have any question feel free to leave a comment I will do my best to answer

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