Jul 062010

Schluter Ditra –  Tile flooring installation can be a very strong, almost maintenance free and hygienic flooring for your home. Installing tile flooring correctly can be challenging in today’s homes with different substrates. Schluter Ditra is a underlayment that can take the guess work out of your tile floor installation. Ditra is a Polyethylene based membrane formed into a grid to aid in adhesion. The underside is laminated with a fleece material and is installed to the substrate using thinset. Schluter recommends using a 11/64″ x 11/64″ trowel for installing Schluter Ditra to the substrate.  The fleece bonds with the thinset allowing it to become firmly bonded to the floor.  Tile is then ready to be installed onto the Ditra installation using a thinset mortar. Schluter-Ditra may be used most for giving a wood sub-floor a proper substrate for tile installation but its is much more than that. A Ditra installation also provides a waterproofing, vapor and uncoupling surface  to your floor.

Schluter Kerdi Shower Kit

Schluter Kerdi Shower Kit Contents

Schluter Kerdi –       Kerdi is a crack prevention and water proofing membrane used mostly in showers and bathtub surrounds. Its constructed out of a polyethylene material with a fleece covering to help bond it to the substrate and flooring. This waterproofing material is used the Schluter Kerdi Shower Kit.  Schluter Kerdi is installed using an unmodified  thinset mortar with a trowel size of 1/8 x 1/8 notch.

DIY Tile Floor Installation

Looking to save money? Installing tile is a easy project that can be accomplished in a weekend and with a little knowledge you can install tile like a pro in no time. Tile floors are a great alternative to other floor finishes that cant take the abuse of every day living.  Tile flooring comes in […Read more]

Tools needed for tile floor installation

Installing tile:  tile installation tools Having the proper tools for the job is very important not only for quality of your work but also for safety.  Depending on the tile your installing and the location the tools you use will change.  There are also lots of options for waterproofing and sound deadening materials available.  Crack […Read more]

Preperation and layout for tile install

Prepping for tile installation and layout to install tile If you are working with a plywood substrate you will want to begin by installing a underlayment that is suited for for tile (hardibacker, Schluter Ditra and durock are some popular choices) If you have a nice concrete slab you will just want to make sure […Read more]

How to install tile

Installing tile First make sure your floor is nice and clean and your lines chalked Start by mixing up your thin set mortar following the instructions on the product you purchased. Begin by spreading your thin set along your chalk line, making sure not to spread more than you can install tile over in 15-30 […Read more]